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 Critical Needs

If you haven't kept your Virus Scanning Program's Signature File up to date or do not have a Virus Scanning Program installed and actively running, you are really look for trouble.

Many good solutions exist at very economical costs


Install a Personal Firewall

If you haven't already done so download and install Zonelabs free Zonealarm Personal Firewall to protect your systems from internet intrusion

Installation & Support Services

o       Installation and setup of new computer systems

o       Installation and setup of home office networks (wired and wireless)

o       Setup of your laptop to work with Prudential Offices (wired or wireless) and products

o       PC performance tuning and enhancement

o       Installation/setup of Realtor products (Toolkit, Top Producer, Eneighborhood)

o       Installation and maintenance of virus scanning and firewall products

o       Website design, development and maintenance

o       Internet Connectivity

o       Office Automation (document control, scanning)

o       Digital Photography and Graphics

o       General Problem Solving

I have  been providing personalized Information Technology Support and Installation Services to individuals and Corporations since 1980.

Please contact us at 203-426-6621 or via email at dafriedman@charter.net

to see how we can be of assistance to you