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My Set-up

StarPowerCube        Meade LX200GPS 10" F/10          Observer's Chair

Meade LX200GPS 10 F/10

 running Firmware 2.0I





Bucks Precision Steel Gears

Mead Series 4000 Plossl Eyepieces

Peterson Ez-Clutch

Peterson products work great and Pete is terrific

Meade 6.3 Focal Reducer

Peterson Ez-Focus

Meade 1 1/4" Flip Mirror

The Springy Thingy

Meade Illuminated 9mm Reticle Eyepiece

Scopestuff  Rusty Screw Replacement Kit

Great Products, Great Service, Jim Henson is a gentleman

Meade 9mm-24mm Zoom Eyepiece

Scopestuff Collimation Knobs

Celestron Ultima 2x Barlow

Scopestuff Microfocuser Thumbscrews

Kendrick 10",  2" , 1 1/4", Telrad Dew Heaters

The Products are good but I was not overly pleased with service when I received a defective heater

Internal wiring placed in plastic loom conduit

I followed Donovan Conrad's lead on this

Ron Keating's Dew Buster Controller

Great Product, Great Service, Ron is terrific

Astrozap Flexible Dew Shields

Some of my Cool Stuff


StarPowerCube Portable Power Station

ScopeSaver Table

Adjustable Observer's Chair

Meade Filter Kits

Telrad Mount

Costco portable roll-up aluminum table


Dell Latitude CPxJ on Costco Roll-up ALuminum Table


Computer Hardware

Computer Software

Dell Latitude CPx 650Mhz Laptop 

using Linksys Wifi to my home network

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

USB Hub (3 USB ports, 1 serial, 1 parallel)


Laptop Remote Digital Camera Control for Nikon CoolPix Cameras

by my good friend Gregory Pruden

Belkin Videobus Controller

used to connect the Nikon CoolPix video output into the laptop for use with HocusFocus and Snapp


Laptop Video Preview, Focusing Aid, Drift Analysis Utility

also by my good friend Gregory Pruden

Kensington  USB Flylight (Red)


Video/Webcam Capture and Image Processing Software


Video/Webcam Capture and Image Processing Software


Astronomical Imaging Processing software which comes bundled with James Burnell & Richard Berry's Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing

Starry Night Pro 4.5.2

Advanced Astronomy/Planetarium Software

Registax 2.1

Image Processing Software



Nikon CoolPix 995

Toucam 740K Webcam - Unmodified

Canon A1 Film Camera

Meade LPI